~  As You Lay Sleeping  ~

As you lay sleeping peacefully in bed
While you are dreaming; sweet dreams in your head.
I watch you in slumber with eyes filled with love
Itís a love thatís so rare so few even know of.

I smile to myself as I gaze down at you
In my minds eye I see the things that we do.
I see us holding hands as we walk in a park
I love how you snuggle closer, when itís spooky and dark.

You never complain that I leave my socks where they lay
With one kiss from you, you brighten my day.
You put notes in my pockets assuring me too
That your heart is mine, like mine; belongs to you.

I think too of the life, that we've yet to live
Of all the possibilities, this life has to give.
With you at my side the world opens to me
Thereís nothing I can't do, your love helps me to see.

At night before bed you encourage me to talk
And you never push hard if thereís a subject I balk
As you lay sleeping I remember our first kiss way back then
And I fall in love with you Sweetheart, all over again.

 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney © 2006

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