~ A Thanksgiving Prayer ~
Anybody's Child

There is a little child I know
That had no where to go
The only friend she had
Was in a Teddy bear she owned

She could be anybody's child
With very little food,
And no safe place to sleep
She did the best that she could do

When she was placed in a home
There was no love to go around
Every secret that she knew
Her teddy shared without a sound

A thanksgiving prayer I say
For this tender child out there
Looking for a home somewhere
She could be anybody's child,
lost and all alone
With only the teddy bear she owns

Let me pray this Thanksgiving Day
That The Lord will give her love
From somewhere up above
May angels come close and open a door
So a child who never sang
Will sing forevermore.

Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

This is a true story. When this child grew up, she wanted to help others.
She has helped me more than she could ever know.
This thanksgiving I pray that no child should fall through the cracks.
They could be anybody's child, remember them this Thanksgiving Day.


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