~ Tucked Up In The Attic ~

Tucked up in the attic
where no one else can see
are boxes filled with pictures
and faded memories.

Sometimes in the quiet night
when no else is home
I'll climb the darkened stairs
and sit there all alone.

I'll open up the boxes
and dust each thing with care
treasures that I've carried
secrets I've not shared.

Little gifts and trinkets
that have no worth at all
bring to me such comfort
and help me to recall.

I see my life so clearly
the youth that once was mine
I'm traveling back into
a different place and time.

I see a broken picture
it takes me through a door;
a love that broke my heart
and left me on the floor.

I sit lost in my memories
until the sun peeks in
and then I close the boxes
a new day now begins.

Forrest Phelps-Cook
Reflections From The Heart


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