~ At Times ~

At times I feel so lonely
I feel so down and out
But then I check my e-mail
I remember what you are about.

I read the trials and troubles
I read the hurt and the pain
I read the funny little things
I cry, I frown, I laugh, I gain.

I gain the knowledge of love
How our friendship is so true
We are joined by a special bond
That ne'er a soul can ever undo.

I raise you all up to God
Every day in all my prayers
I ask him to watch over you
Till the day we meet up there.

Oh won't that be a glorious day
When in Heaven we finally meet
We will surely recognize each other
Like meeting a friend on the street.

But until that day finally comes
I just want to let you all know
I am honored to be your friend
And I'll always love your glow.

So here's to you my friend
May you always be blessed
With plenty of love and peace
And a tender kind of happiness.

Sandy Edwards 6-30-08

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