Aunts and Uncles don't
have a recognized "Holiday"
but, that's okay because they
are very special anyway.

Aunts and Uncles don't
try to treat you like a child
even if you're just a little tot.

Aunts and Uncles take
the extra time to show you
lots of love and care
by all the nice things they do.

Aunts and Uncles make
ordinary days seem like
they are "all about you" days.

Aunts and Uncles can
recall silly things that you
said and did from years ago...
thought that you should know.

Aunts and Uncles are
just absolutely wonderful
because they really do love you.

So, if you have one or even both
show them that you care
and they mean the world to you
by clicking on "send" or "share"
and emailing this page to them!

Sandra Ann Cauley 2006


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