~ A Four Day Week ~

Another Year is closing fast
Where did the Summer go?
Time for Falling Temperatures
As the Leaves begin to Glow.

Oranges, Reds and Yellows
Some, just a paler Green
Some falling to the Earth
To paint an Autumn scene.

Seeds of Growth are set Free
To receive Nature’s Grooming
Most Flowers lose their Petals
While a few start Blooming.

The Days begin to shorten
The Dark more than the Light
Animals grow Winter’s coat
Some Birds have taken Flight.

Some “snowbirds” are heading South
For all the Sun that they can find
Some can’t wait for the Snowfall
And Winter Sports of every kind.

Let’s all hope the Storms of Summer
Aren’t a sign of things to be
That Old Man Winter doesn’t go
On some kind of Chilling Spree.

Mother Nature rules our Weather
And there is nothing we can do
But wait until She changes Seasons
And this coming one is through.

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter
Are the Four Days of Her Week
And if we only wait for them to change
We’ll find that favorite one, we seek.

Del “Abe” Jones © 2005

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