Autumn Leaves Harvest

Farmers busy with their crops
Apples, pumpkins to mention a few
Women with their pies and crafts
Harvest time has a lot to do

A chill in the air cooking stew
Darker colors of brown, gold and red
Preparing for winter with all plants
Grandma home baking bread

Children making hills of leaves
Playing, running and jumping onto piles
A new season of different fun
Colorful scenery around for miles

A time to wash and clean your windows
Fall cleaning making ready for holidays
Gathering recipes for Halloween
Deciding on clothing for cool fall days

Designing a face to carve on a pumpkin
Gives children a happy treat to do
Deciding on the costumes they want to wear
Having an indoor party will be something new

Keeping children off the street and safe
Gathering old clothing to make an outfit
Lets seeÖ scarecrow, Cinderella or cowboy
Make-up, jewelry every little bit

Planning ahead is the key to a successful party
Let the children help, give them a part
Next, Thanksgiving perhaps the family will volunteer
Soon it will be time, and then we need another start

© Joyce Ann Geyer 2006
Poet N My Soul

Be of cheerful heart. Itís a fun season. Make it so!

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