~ Autumn Picnic ~

Before the winter comes
Let's pack ourselves a sweet picnic,
Go find a brook by shady glen
Whatever day, just make it quick :)

I'll bake a strawberry shortcake
You bring the salad rolls,
We'll stretch out in the autumn sunshine
Nibble cranberries from a bowl.

We'll fill a flask for tea
Many cups to hold,
Sip and read and talk a lot
Then take a casual stroll.

Don't forget your pretty parasol
To shade us from the sun,
Or wind, if it might blow
And steal our happy fun.

Bring cushions soft, there 'pon to lean
Or rest our weary head,
Oh, I'm so impatient for this picnic
With my very special friend.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Sept 2009

Give us mountains, lakes and streams,
great works of God to fill our dreams;
Grass of green, sky of blue, the shining sun...
there let us dwell til life is done.
And, someday, when life's book shall close,
We'll be content with what we chose.
-- Anton Stoffle

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