If you take a little walk
You must stay completely hushed
For there's secret whispers you will hear
It's of the autumn blush

All we see is very fragile
Pause, softly now and still
Autumn's glow is creeping through
How delicate it feels

From the blossoming of summer
There's a shyness tucked between
As bright color slowly disappears
The blush will e'er be seen

We talk in gentle tones
As it flashes bronze and gold and red
Yet as we watch all fade away
We know the sap is never dead

But look deep to know within
From rising dawn 'til dusk
All cold winter holds, as it so gently falls
To protect the autumn blush


Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Seek not to understand that we may believe,
 but believe that we may understand.

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