~ Autumn's Coronet ~

Each day then
What shall the glory be
To sing the wonder of an autumn morn
What crowns each day with splendor
To break the secret of the dawn

Those mysteries of tomorrow
And a faith to face the dark unknown
If time slips by too fast to see
What smiles will then be known
To meet our every need

How shall a glowing hope
Arrive to grace the day
What hidden treasure will unfold
To offer all the strength required
To carry on our way

When will each little moment be adorned
To take our breath away
And give that joy
To rise and say
Good morning life...today

Shall not a coronet bedeck to reign
Such abundant life upon the throne
To sing aloud
Jesus! You are crowned as Lord
Each day it is Your glory shown

You are the One of royal splendor
To overflow each day with joy
Your love, Your life,
Your wondrous self
Has come to us, to fling aside the door

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

God is doing a greater work in us, and that can only come as we learn to trust Him
no matter how dark the days
 and sleepless the nights.
And it is only as we have been through the darkness with Him that what we know with our heads slides down into our hearts,
and our hearts no longer demand answers. The Why? becomes unimportant when we believe that God can and will redeem the pain for our good and His glory....When I put the sovereignty of God beside His unfailing love,
my heart can rest.

Verdell Davis

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midi composed by W.Bookwood & H.O'Malley
sequenced by GN 1996

Brought to you by www.spiritisup.com 2006