~ Autumn ~

The leaves -- Oh God the leaves
How they dance with fluttered sleeves
Gold and crimson in the trees
It's autumn!

The sweet crunches, underfoot
While the chimney, lined with soot
Is made ready for the cook
It's autumn!

Marshmallows, popcorn too
Warming treats for me and you
Hurry! Open up that flue
It's autumn!

Frosty blanket on the ground
In the morning, not a sound
I love when no one is around
It's autumn!

How I love each autumn color
Absent, life would be much duller
Thank You, God, for this and other . . .
Bright blessings

It's autumn!

Faerie's Heart Songs
T.R. Cardinet 2008

Autumn arrives in bright bursts of color,
bringing with it, fond memories of
childhood tradtions. Carving pumpkins,
making pies, canning jams and other
wonderful treats. All these blessings,
from God's good earth, help to make
the heart smile. So smile! It's autumn!



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