~ A Very Sweet Surprise ~

I heard a lil raprap on the door,
I went to see what taptap's for
and there upon my lil step
I found a lovely parcel set.

I saw 'twas from my special friend
and sat it here upon the bench,
I ripped, a-trembling so-
all excited what you'd sent.

As there I pondered to myself
Whatever did my sweet friend find,
and then I held, with such delight
for there within, was love divine.

A perfect gift, my hand to hold
I read the card, the story told,
Then placed it near my puter nook
so always there upon I look.

To see the love of my dear friend
so blessed I am for all you send,
Love, n' thank you dear sweetpies..
for such a very sweet surprise.

Your thoughtfullness brings you alive
to have your gift here at my side,
I'm thanking God how you impart
Oh my, such loving, from your heart.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Jan 2010

Perfect beauty, special gift
The love of God deploy,
To pleasure, bless, delight,
Overflow my heart with joy.

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How Awesome Is This Place
by Ralph Merrifield New Hope Music 
Arranged by Rich Garber Living Waters Jazz 
Modified by Elton Smith 


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