I didn't know it at the time
That I was here awaiting all your loving care
For one who might be there
Wanting just to share

Someone to know somehow, just when I need
Something sweet to make me smile
During a long and lonely day
To walk the extra mile

Not staying far away but seeking to be close
Becoming even more than kind
Delighted just to chat informal like
On all of life we find

By gently listening, just to understand
To share in the divine
Praying through each little heartache
Giving devoted time

Someone sweet to make me glow inside
With that warm and cozy hug
So I would know somehow
I've been blessed with heavens' touch

Thus now, I need await no more
For God has blessed me with that special friend
That surprising one, I didn't know at all
I was really wanting Him to send

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Blessings dear forever friend, may angels
be on your pillow and always peering in your window
Love is never enough to say

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