~ Away In A Manger ~

Away in a manger, baby Jesus was born
The animals knew a blessed thing
Came to be, for on that night
They saw so much, to tell you and me

The shepherds were told
By angels in the sky
To see a holy thing
That came to be
A bright star in the heavens was seen
Wise men, with gifts
For the baby Jesus, Our King

In the night, singing was heard
It was to honor The Son Of God
Miracles would happen, people who were lame
Yet to walk, those who were blind
Who could not hear, would be healed
Because Our Lord Jesus was near

Away in a manger, a new baby made from love
A dark night became bright
With angels glorying in the new born King
The wise men came then
Kneeling, with the shepherds and animals
As a chorus came from heaven

Mary held her baby for all to see
The bluest eyes, so knowing and trusting
Joseph looking at mother and son
He knew Jesus was the Holy One

Away in the manger The Son Of God,
Came from The Father
To take away our sins
Jesus loves mankind so much
He puts His sacred heart within

We know we need the glory
The blessing of this Christmas Day
Jesus in our life to stay
Forever and always


Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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midi.. arranged by:
Don Carroll
Houston, Texas


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