~ Babies ~

Ever watchful at the scene before me,
Strolling the aisles of store and Mall.
I glance at the little plump faces before me,
Their posture indicative of weakness as they sprawl.

Looking for a possible spark in their eyes,
Are they alert, disinterested or just relaxed?
These precious little creatures of God's creation,
Do they remember their real home and it's climax?

Sometimes a shy half smile comes to the mouth,
Perhaps they realize how far they've come.
The stroller, the buggy, Mama pushing,
The strangers glancing at baby sucking his thumb.

It's a game with me as I try to see,
Which of the babies will look up at me.
I feel the Spirit within them so near,
These sweet young souls with a destiny.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2006


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