~ Back Roads ~

I took a walk today, down the back roads of my mind,
Not really knowing, just what I might find.
It was like opening a photo album, the picture's very clear,
All of my family, soon started to appear.

I felt my daddy's hug again, he'd hold a little tight,
I could almost hear my Mother whisper, is everything alright ?
My brother was teasing me, just like he use to do,
Oh what golden memories, every one of them so true.

I can smell the aroma, of cooking in the air,
My grandma and grandpa, oh what a pair.
I see my Aunt and Uncle, coming down the walk,
You could hear them coming for a mile, as loud as those two talked.

I hear my other siblings, playing out in the yard,
Momma's cutting out the biscuits, and daddy's getting out the lard.
Soon the table will be set, the family will all sit down to eat,
So many memories made from love, oh how bittersweet..

I can see the love a flowing, from this family way back when,
But I know one day soon, I'll see everyone of them again.
Golden memories are like pictures, keepsakes you will find,
If you look close enough, down the back roads of your mind!


Brenda D King ©May 23, 2005

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