~ The Bag Lady ~

Once upon a time
There was a poor soul
With nothing to eat
And nowhere to go

She would walk through the town
With a bag in her hand
Searching for something
She didn't quite understand

She looked in the park
For a smile and a nod
But as the day wore on
There was none to be found

She would wander around
Feeling alone and afraid
No one paying her mind
They just shooed her away

God gave us a heart
So we could give it away
To the meek and the mild
To the poor, those astray

He expects us to care
For all these and more
So don't shoo the bag ladies
Away from your door

Keep them fed, take their hand
Give them warmth and a hug
For within them resides
A heart with God's great love

God is creator of life
He is the keeper of spirit
Try helping others in need
Then when God speaks, you'll hear it

Debbie Looney 2006

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