(Saves the Cat!)

I'm needing a vacation
Gotta' get away from this farm
If that Tom Cat keeps following me
He's sure to do me harm

It's hard to be a rat you know
I can't have no fun
As long as there is a cat around
I'm always on the run

I strolled down to the River
Saw a boat just sitting there
I thought, 'I'll hang out a while,
That cat won't find me here'

I saw a lot of stuff to chew on
Like that rope from the boat to the pole
I chewed and sharpened up my teeth
And then looked for a hiding hole

I pretended to be the Captain
And I was out to sea
Relaxing in the sun all day
And no cat chasing after me

I was lulled to sleep for a while
From the motion of the boat
But I woke up when I heard a bang
As that boat began to float

I wondered, 'now what shall I do?'
Then suddenly I lost all hope
That blame cat had followed me
And was walking on that rope

The rope broke, he started to choke
'cause he didn't know how to swim
Can you believe that 'fraidycat
Was begging me to save him?

At first I had to laugh haha
It sure was a funny sight
A wet cat sure is an ugly thing
Then I said, 'Save you?, I might'
If you will make a promise
That we can be good friends
I'll jump in and drag you out
Since you don't know how to swim

He said, 'Yes' and I did my best
He was glad to be aboard
But if he happens to change his mind
Oh dear, help me Lord!

I've done my best to be a friend
to that nasty cat
But it will take a miracle
To make him like a rat
So I left him floating out to sea
And I jumped over board
I'm going back to the barnyard now
And leave him in the hands of the Lord

By Yolanda Cohen 2007

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