~ Birthday Girl ~

I hear you are the "Birthday Girl"
The "Big 50" today...
But, age is just a number,
No matter what "they" say...

As long as hearts are filled with joy,
And smiles are big and bright...
Who cares if that old gravity,
Destroys what once was tight!

Who cares that what was "up" is down,
Who cares that lines appear,
What difference if you need your "specs"
To read things oh, so near!

It isn't so important if
You're sagging here or there...
Or if your memory wanders...
And "off in space" you stare.

What's really good to keep in mind...
Is "You're just getting better..."
And if I knew who first said that,
They'd get a hostile letter!!!

The aches and pains that come with age...
Are "privileges" we share...
The only consolation is...
Nobody will be spared!

Something we will have in common
Through every day to come...
Though, I must admit to you,
More intensely felt by some!

So, here is to the "Birthday Girl"...
May all your pains be slight...
Just take your Metamucil,
Before you say "goodnight'!

Janeane Bolton
for Cyndi's Birthday
8/2003 used with permission



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