I'm thinking now's the time
For you to have a little treat,
A cozy comfy rest
Because you're very sweet.
So, choose your favorite cushion now
To run your fingers in the lace,
Then trace the pretty flower
And press the softness to your face.
There's homespun gingham and organza
Cotton, velvet or the smoothest silk,
Take your pick, just as you love
Your own special ilk.
Then find a favorite nook
Tucked somewhere from the wind,
Where the sun will warm you through
Right down deep within.
Snuggle up, comfy now with Jesus
And the loving that I send,
I wish I too, could sit somewhere near
For you are a treasured friend.
Soft Whispers to you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Treat your friends as you do your cushions,
 hold them gently to your heart.


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