Today, I think I'll bake a cake
To be so very nice
If, I can but guess the flavor
The one, you'd really like

Should I make it chocolate mousse
Or lemon, nuts and cream
Vanilla, mocha, caramel
Maybe orange is your dream

Mmm, I cannot choose
So, a layer cake shall do
For then I surely cannot miss
The bon appetit of you

Then I shall frost it over, delicious like
With creamy swirls so sweet
Red cherries, nuts and chocolate drops
Ta-da, a cake fit for a queen

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

A cake of virtual reality
For you sweet friend, I baked
All calorie and sugar free
For your own dreamy taste

Bon appetite! Tuck in! Get stuck into it! Eat already!
Enjoy the fare! Happy eating!
Down the hatch! This looks nice!
Delight in it this very minute!

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Midi Sylvia Ballet Suite
by Leo Delibes (1866) arr: G. Pollen (1999)

Brought to you by 2007