~ Beatitude ~

Stars spill out of Godís big cup
As I look up in wonder, under a
Vast canopy, I watch a star
Rip through nightís black dress

Impressed, I plop down on the
Ground, waiting - anticipating
More fireworks . . . mere seconds
Tick by as the sky offers more

One . . . two . . . three . . . four
They fall and shoot and scoot
Across the onyx stage; no cage big
Enough to contain these fireflies

Dimming his smile, moon is hiding
Abiding somewhere in the dark
Watching the show, trying not
To grow jealous of the beauty

Dutiful and feeling brazen, basking
In just how amazing the response
Below, stars continue the show
An encore . . . five . . . six . . . seven

Heaven fairly bursting now with
Dizzying trails of stardust, a
Must-see for all humanity
So many wishes to make, I partake

Swallowing hard, as if lodged in my
Throat, a button off Godís beautiful
Coat -- or perhaps just a lump of
Gratitude for this gentle beatitude

Faerie's Heart Songs
© Tracy R. Cardinet 2007

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