~*~ Beautiful Days, Beautiful Moments, Beautiful Friend ~*~

Alternate verses by Chee then Derry

The Lord puts people on our path
And some remain a friend for life
Giving so much of their heart
Making everything seem alright.

By bringing us to be together
As part of a caring sphere
To walk within the lovely fragrance
Of someone very dear.

We converse about so many things
On this path we all can share
With this special friend of ours
Who always shows she cares.

In the opening of her tender heart
With a gentle love each day
The beauty of her inner soul
To always give away.

This person is known to all of us
Through a friendship rare and true
A glorious love, divinely pure
She offers me and you.

Emanating from such precious treasure
Unfurling from her heart
The sheer delight of sharing love
Her chosen work of art.

Sweetness, kindness and compassion
Are evidenced every day
Through poetry published on her site
A love she doth convey.

By creating cards for all to send
Our dear friend is a star divine
Sparkling with a hope to lift
The spirits up, of you and I

Soft whispers of heart n soul
in gratitude to our dear Cyndi from
Chee Chee Martin
Derry's Heart Poems

God's loving splendor
Gently and marvelously created

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