~ Beautiful Friend ~
If there is a foundation found
Maybe a commonality of the past
Then a friendship easily unfolds
And can be kept as one to last
We may not recognize this link
Until a little time goes by
And we find we're joined as one
In thought and heart and mind
As we share a common ground
Of interests in this life
That forges our souls in the care
Of sweetest delights
You and I don't have very much
That needs to be explained
For in us, that neat connection
Already is our stay
For each time we have a chat
We're already far ahead
God's united us in His love
E'en though not much is said
Somehow we know the other
By this love that we impart
Love born for today and tomorrow
The heaven in our hearts
Thank you for being my beautiful forever friend

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

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