I saw the loneliness upon your face
As I passed close by today
I could tell you're feeling somewhat sad
So send my love your way

My heart reached out to touch your soul
As I pondered you in prayer
I knelt right then to mediate
Your burden mine to share

I wished somehow I might come in
And comfort all your tears
So I prayed with all the love I have
For God to lift your fear

I know some heartaches never leave

They're ours to always keep
But I can pray a miracle
To touch you very deep

Some promise know, unfold within
The light of hope to come
To break apart the coldest night
And bring the warmth of lasting love

His beauty borne to radiate
The eternal love within your heart
Of calming rest and gentleness
The becoming you and all you are

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Cultivate peace; be deaf to a prolific imagination;
God speaks in those soft and tender accents
that melt the soul,
in the midst of such a tumult
Be still, and He is soon heard.
Indulge but a single scruple;
to be scrupulously obedient to His voice.
Francois Fenelon

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