I wish, but cannot bear your hurt
Or bid your ache to flee.
But I'll be here to pray for you
Your friend to always be.

When pain you share, I'll ask our Lord
To ease whate'er you feel,
And when you want someone to care
My compassion will be real.

I will be close to calm your mind
When facing walls that come,
Or when the mountains loom too high
I'll send my warmest love.

Don't feel alone, I'll be nearby
As your forever friend,
And when you're feeling fine again
Some smiles I'll gladly send.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems April 2009

May my door swing wide beside the path
where lots of folk go by;
Those glad or e'en so very sad,
e'er much the same as I;
For here I'll sit to ever hear,
real close to hear them call;
My heart swung wide, so I will be
a gentle friend to all.

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