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~ Beauty Cannot Be Seen ~
For those who hide in shadows

You are a child of God,
special in every way.
You brighten the lives of many,
with words you send each day.

The mirror doesnít show beauty,
for true beauty cannot be seen.
It is not what's on the outside,
it is not on a movie screen.

Beauty is deep in the heart,
a place where love is sown.
Itís the caring for those in need,
itís a feeling thatís all your own.

You say you do not feel smart,
yet you write with beauty and grace.
Remember that Albert Einstein
did not have a beautiful face.

Legend says he failed in school,
that teachers said he was dumb,
but that was just a legend,
he continued to strive for his ďplumĒ.

Abraham Lincoln failed many times,
but he never gave up his quest,
he continued until he succeeded,
and history tells us the rest.

So when you are feeling down and out
remember this simple phrase,
YOU are a child of God
and youíre special in EVERY way.


Forrest Phelps-Cook © 2006
Reflections from the Heart 

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