~ Wherever There Is Beauty Or Rain ~

Wherever there is beauty
or even when it rains
I know you are there for me
to take away my pain

In the summer or when the snow
covers the mountains I can see
Though I can not hold you
you have so much love for me


Wherever there is beauty
near an ocean stream
I look out at all the wonder
and it brings you close to me

It matters not if it is raining
in a city or a country park
I can see things grow before my eyes
this to me is how love starts

Come to me my love
in just one moment of time
So I can kiss you so lovingly
and know for sure you are mine


In your garden far away
I smell the roses which you have grown
And give to me today

I love you as long as morning turns to night
Wherever there is beauty or rain
I know you will protect me
And guide me with your eternal light


Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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