Because It's Christmas
The holidays will soon be ending
Back to work and school some go
While others will be waiting home
Taking care of all the young ones ya' know


It will be back to the same old grind
To work for peanuts from nine to five
Most are just trying to make a living
While others find they just barely survive.
This world of ours is always changing
I wonder how much more that we can stand
We work hard for what we are earning
Just to support others from foreign lands.

This is the land of the Red White and Blue
Or at least they say it is supposed to be
But it seems like some certain people
Want to mess with what we truly believe.

I don't know about all of you my friends
But as for me I always will take a stand
In worshipping God, in a Merry Christmas,
In sharing hugs and in shaking someone's hand.

Sandy Edwards 12-31-2005

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