Children love to have a story read
Just in time for bed
Doesn’t have to be scary
Girls love to hear about fairies
Boys love to hear about starships or pirate ships
Both need hugs and kisses on their lips

To be loved you must be lovable
Make yourself available and huggable
Respect will be learned if you do it too
Everything comes back to you
Make time for your children they deserve your time
They will grow up as strong as a vine

Teach them things you know
Gratitude is what they’ll show
Loving parents always make a difference
You will be their hero’s and their preference
Teach them from the Bible many lessons for them to grow
In turn they will learn the right way and it will show

As they grow older they will ask your advice
They will never forget how you treated them
This will ensure the outcome of their future
Let them make their own decisions allow them their adventure
Start right from the beginning while they’re in the crib
Throughout their life they’ll always recall what you did

God Bless you and your family with all
blessings from above
Our Lord is so kind and full of love
His Angels will guide and protect your
children all you need do is pray and ask


© Joyce Ann Geyer 2006
Poet N My Soul

Even a child is known by his actions,
by whether his conduct is pure and right.
Proverbs 20:11

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