Oh my, it happens every time I think
Of you and all you are
Beetle bug, my eyes get all blurried up
Just 'cause of your caring heart

Only the very best of friends will whirl in so
On sweet wings of cheery love
Just to brighten up a cloudy day
With the most warm and heart-felt hugs

Though I really don't know how it happens
That two li'l bugs join up on-line
In all the rushing to and fro
When a special pal's so hard to find

But, somehow you wiggled in
'n' I think God sent the cutest beetlebug by far
Now I wish I could find some spiffy words
To thank you for all you are

Most Specialist
In all that cheers up my li'l heart

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006


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