~ Be Happy ~

How happy can I be ?
I thought to myself one day,
and while I yet thought about it,
I heard a still, small voice say.

Life is what you make it,
Whether it be good or bad,
And happiness comes about,
when you refuse to be sad.

A beautiful smile is an open door,
That happiness always walks thru,
So polish up your smile,
And bring along some joy too.

Put these with an act of kindness,
To someone who needs some help,
Lend a hand to your fellowman,
You'll feel better about yourself.

Happiness will flood your soul,
And those you're blessed to know,
Will share the happiness you've found,
All the sad clouds now must go.

Look for the beautiful things,
And store them in your heart,
throw away that sad stuff
From it all, depart.

Now stop and think again,
As you were thinking before,
How happy can I be?
The choice just has to be yours!

Betty Hill 2005


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