~ Being Us Two ~

Wherever I am, there is you
There is always just the you 'n' me
You might think that you are far away
But things aren't always as they seem
'Cause when I wonder where to go

I know that you will too
Let's go together, you would say
And then we both will know the way
Then if we have a problem
I'd ask, as you are sure to know
And that is how it ought to be
Because you'd think it through like me

And if I would enjoy to find
A curious quiz or rhyme
Then you might go along with my mind
Just for the jolly time

Sometimes too we might get scared
But, we would know just what to do
We'd hold hands, we wouldn't run
For we'd know what prayers were due

So, wherever I am there is also you
And that's how it's meant to be
For how could I get through a day
Unless we stuck like glue
To make it always true
The kindred spirit of the me and you


Soft Whispers for special you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

If I were your friend
And your cute friend too,
I shouldn't much care
What I had to do to get through;
I shouldn't much mind
If it snowed or blitzed-
I'd be getting to you still
With hugs like this.

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