There's times I sit so very hushed
Quiet, peaceful, just to listen
Be still and take in
The gentleness, the prettiness of life...
To dream as clouds scud by
and hear birds call in early chorus,
a never ending joyous cry

Those are the times, I might
have tears that never surface
on the ponder of God's eternal beauty,
and on those yet aching in the hurt,
of the struggle, continual pain
From all that life has brought

I pray the gentle zephyrs of The Spirit
Will sweep above my tender prayer
to touch their hearts with all they need
today, down deep within, the care,
the comfort
of an inner peace enough
to give a calm, a secret little smile
in the anticipation of all ahead
for the beautiful in Jesus' love

Be loved today, be loved

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

God walks with us.
He scoops us up in His arms or simply
sits with us in silent strength until
we cannot avoid the awesome recognition
that yes, even now, He is there.


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