~ Be Prepared For Halloween ~

Halloween is right around the corner
Little goblins and such will be knocking on your door
Don't be afraid, just give them candy
And they won't bother you anymore.

So if you're not prepared to hand out treats
You can expect a trick or two
Your windows may get all soaped up
And your car may get it too!

But I'm always prepared each year
I will have lots of candy on hand
I don't want any tricks played on me
So I'll give them what they demand.

I'll watch them as they go door to door
There's some that are as cute as can be
But some can be very scary you know
As they run around and giggle with glee.

You might see some witches this night
Or some goblins and lots of ghosts too
You'll probably see some animals running loose
You'll think they escaped from the zoo.

Oh what sights you'll see tonight
They're meant to scare you to death
Just smile and give them what they want
Close your door and take a deep breath.

The sun will shine the following day
And you will be safe until next year
Your neighbors weren't so lucky though
Their windows were soaped and they cower in fear!
Boo!! Happy Halloween!!

Chee Chee Martin 10-7-2004

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