Bestest Friends

I cannot seem to say Thank You enough,
For helping me through my times that are tough.
You are always right there for me,
That's how Bestest Friends are supposed to be.

You might walk in anytime, day or night,
Just to make sure that I'm alright,
If I'm down or feeling kinda blue,
You stick around, that's what you do.

We might sit and cry for a little while,
Until you figure out just how to make me smile.
You seem to know just what to say,
That will brighten even my bluest day !!

You will always be my Bestest Friend,
I know I tell you this over and over again.
I know you'll always be there for me,
But that's how Bestest Friends are supposed to be.

We are Bestest Friends, together for life,
Amid all our burdens, troubles and strife.
Together is how God meant for us to be,
That is why He sent you here for me..

I've picked you up when you were down,
Been there many times when no one else was around,
I know that's why you do what you do,
To show me how much I mean to you !!

I Thank God for Angels that have no wings,
And all the love they put into things,
To keep that friendship burning bright,
That God started long ago on a cloudy night.

Brenda D King ŠApril 5th 2005
Dedicated to Debbie!
She's been a sky full of stars on that cloudy night.
Thank You God, she has set my heart a glow
and held me together more times than one !!

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