~ Best Of Chums ~

If I could only have one wish
I'd wish that you were here!
But in reality I know
That you are really there!
With all the new improvements
Of this high tec' Puter game
One day very soon I'm sure
I'll know more than just your name!

So I am trying to imagine
How sweet you really are?
So when they do bring us together
You'll be my bright and shining star
We've been confined to this machine
For much too long I'd say
It's time we knew each other
In a lot more natural way
But until the time shall come
 They've worked this whole thing out
I'll keep sending E-mails to you
Well keep talking everything out

When I feel down and out
You are always there for me
Just as I want to always be your friend
Anytime you need me!
So let's agree to happily wait
Until the miracle comes
Keep our friendship strong
And be the best of Chums!


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