~ Beyond The Bridge ~

Beyond the bridge, in beauty
Our darling treasure waits,
Because they lived in Jesus' love
Their song now resonates.

Beyond the bridge, in glory
Our sweetheart's now at rest,
No toil or trouble, for their life
Is only ever blessed.

Beyond the bridge, in wonder
Our cherished is at peace,
For there, in everlasting life
Their joy will never cease.

Beyond the bridge, in gardens
Our dear beloved blooms,
And there 'mongst fragrant roses
With Jesus they commune.

Beyond the bridge, now perfect
Our precious lovely lives,
In all that is most beautiful
In all that Jesus is.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems (c) April 2010

In flower-strewn meadows they now walk
In rest of heart, devoid of fear.
Breathing life all bathed in light,
Healed and cleansed of dust of years,
Sweetest laughter on their lips,
Eyes so clear, that know no tears.
In meadows healed, in sweet release--
They are walking running, dancing free
in blissful perfect joyous peace.

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