~ BIG Warm Fuzzies ~

BIG Warm Fuzzies, are coming your way
Apple Cider, and leaves gone astray
Fall is upon us, crisp air is near
Tree's beautiful colors, are finally here

Thick Carmel Apples, Candy Corn, and more
Are waiting to greet you, at everyone's door
Squirrels gathering Acorns, food for the nest
So when winter time comes, they'll eat their best

Fireplaces stacked, with good burning wood
Keeping us cozy, when lit, as it should
The scent of leaves burning on fall time days
Bring back to us memories, of our childhood ways

Autumn friends of the forest, gather with reason
Preparing with care, for the winter time season
Birds of the air, overhead, that we see
Formation takes flight, heading south, in a vee

I count all this, as a warm fuzzy feeling
Things that we love, gets those warm fuzzies reeling
Warm Fuzzies can be, what you want them to be
All our favorite things, that fill us with glee.

Debbie Looney  2005


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Midi from Tam's Music Factory

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