~ A Birthday Gift...For Me? ~

What would I care for on my birthday? You would like to know.
For many years, I'd always pray and wish that it would snow.
It doesn't happen often, but some birthdays have been white.
That wish still remains, as another birthday comes in sight.

It's nothing special to me. It's just another day.
I'm only twenty-four hours older than I was yesterday.
But if a gift for me is what you really have in mind,
Here are some things that I'd truly love to find.

I'd love to unwrap a bow that's tied around your heart,
Or wrap my arms around you and hold you, nevermore to part.
From the birth of Spring, to Winter when the snow flies,
I want to look and see the 'I love you' written in your eyes.

These are priceless things that aren't sold in any store.
They are given freely, to that someone special you adore.
You've given me these things and I know your heart is true.
So, worry not, God already blessed me with the gift of you.


Thomas C. Menear 2006

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