A Tribute To Bishop Dorsey Simmons

Almost Heaven, West Virginia,
'Twas the state our brother loved,
But West Virgina cannot compare, to God's heaven up above
He's left us now to journey there, His Savior for to see,
With his beautiful bride of sixty one years, together they'll be.
Two sweethearts reunited,
Wed eternally, on the holy hills of heaven, by the Crystal sea.

He was a man of vision, with a dream that gave him thrill,
of a church, a school of worship, way upon a hill.
He called that Hill "Faith Acres," the church doth flourish still.
Many repented sinners, with the Holy Ghost now filled.

Look over in the meadow. Is this the same man?
Who was so weak in body,
Who was frail of hand, I see him shaking Jesus hand, look how tall he stands!
No longer bent as he once was.
He's a giant of a man!

He's giving count to Jesus. What will the tally be?
Of the souls who found salvation, when he preached Calvary!
If he'd not taught our pastors, and our pastors not taught of Thee,
I shudder to imagine just where each soul would be.

Now enter in my faithful son, lay your burdens down,
Because you kept my Holy word, let me get your crown,
You have earned a jewel, for each soul, once lost now found!

So let's stand before our Savior and lift our hands with glee,
Then shout our praise to Jesus, for our Bishop's victory!

Penned by Robert Grilliot 2006
Inspired by the Lord

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