Friends are the appetizers of life,
God flavored them with Love.
They come in different shapes and sizes,
Sent directly from Heaven above.

You are a cookie with sprinkles,
Full of much laughter and glee.
You mean so much to everyone,
And yes that does include me.

Miles may separate this Friendship,
But that doesn't bother us much,
Email seems to be the thing now,
That's how everyone keeps in touch.

We share pictures and music,
E-cards or forwards, hello notes too,
It's all a part of the friendship,
God is forming between me and you.

That's what friends do for each other,
And I'm so happy you were sent my way.
You are among the many blessings,
That I thank God for each day !!

Brenda D King
January 2007
In dedication To Derry
Down Unda !!

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