~ Blessings From A Friend ~

What a wonderful surprise it is
When you know the gift of a special friend
comes straight from above
One who holds your hand
through thick and thin
And you know will be with you
no matter where or when
Aglow with heaven's light
like a beacon in the night
assuring you in God's unending plan
everything will be alright

When life closes in they remind you
how to open up another door
When the day grows very dim
and all seems too unsure
With the joy is gone from your song
because it's turning out all wrong
they will help you see through windows
that were open all along

With delight, your special friend will cheer you
with their happy laughter
and encouragement
to trust in the Father's promises
buoying your spirit just enough
until you find your life
is really very full of joy
and gifts beyond compare
Oh yes,
like an angel in the night
only God knows how to send a friend
when we need to be reminded
how to find the hope again

Soft whispers for friends everywhere from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

What we need is what
a true friend gives....unconditional love,
kindness, patience, humor,
comfort, encouragement,
most of all, prayer
[and a few cookies]

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 Midi is used with permission
Margi Harrell