~ Bless Those Who Are In Need ~

Dear God, please bless those in need
The people who are hungry
May You send them food
And for the lonely,
May You be their greatest friend

Please help those in need
See rainbows of hope in their night
I pray they have a special angel
So they can see Your light
Bless those who do not have a home
They are lost lambs in flight

Bless those who cannot walk
And all those who are sick, in tears
I ask You dear God
To fill them with The Holy Spirit
So they feel no fear

Dear God, give them comfort
Whatever help they sorely need
Let them feel no pain
Help them to be free

I ask this, because there are so many
Who need Your guiding hand
Bless them from Your Heaven
Let them know You understand


Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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