If you could see yourself as I
(As I can sitting here with you in view,
as I love to do...)
See you with my heart,
Then you would never wonder why
I pop in for a visit,
just to check on how you are

If, you could see, just as I do,
(While passing by your perch each day,
with all I'd like to say...)
How beautiful you are,
Then you'd understand just why
I see you where I am,
always with my heart

Oh, if you ever could see you,
(As I cock this way and that, from
my own point of view...)
Oh my, you will never see
the special friend I do,
So you're left to wonder why I want to
come, just to be with you

Soft happy whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

"Everyday without fail God has my heart
responding to the very way you are"

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