God's bluebirds with wings so bright
Make a wish while they are in flight,
I believe that wishes will come true
So I made all these wishes for you.

I wish you love and happiness
And God's amazing grace,
May smiles of happiness
Always brighten your lovely face

I wish you a heart full of joy
With lots of laughter each day
And a life filled with good things
As you go along your way.

My wishes are carried to heaven
On bluebirds’ beautiful wings
May God always bless you
With all your favorite things.

May love, kindness and giving
Be a part of your daily life
And may God always be in your heart
As you watch God's bluebirds in flight.

Last, I wish for many angels to watch over you
And may you have many loving friends, too,
Remember to thank God from up above
For all the beauty sent with His love.

Glenna M. Baugh © 2010
Living By Faith
~Smile when you see a
bluebird and make a wish~
~Quote by Glenna~

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