~ Boredom ~

Sitting around doing nothing, you watch the world go by.

You can't find anything of interest, no matter how hard you try.

A drab stillness of life is felt heavy in the air.

The flaming energy, to be alive, is gone but you don't seem to care.

It's like the feeling a child gets on an ugly rainy day.

You are trapped inside because you aren't able to go outside and play.

Everything around you moves but gives you no thrill.

Nothing excites you and, it seems, even time stands still.

Tapping your fingers or even pacing the floor,

You can't wait to find something that will let you pass through that door.

It seems that no matter what happens at times like these,

The feeling of boredom is so very hard to appease.

This can be a good time for one to search through his mind.

With some imagination, he can be surprised at what he might find.

When the day has finally ended and you retire,
 filled with blues and sorrow,

Sleep tight, sweet dreams and pray
 for everything to be better tomorrow.


Thomas C Menear     
2004 used with permission

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