~ The Bridge ~

The old man walking on the lonely roadway
Came upon a place so cold and gray
To find a vast canyon so wide and steep
With a river flowing cold and deep.

The old man crossed at twilight dim,
The flowing water did not scare him.
He turned as he reached the other side
To build a bridge long and wide.

Old man, called a traveler as he came near,
You are wasting your time building here,
Your walk on this road will end today,
Never again will you pass this way.

The old man raised his head to say,
Other travelers will come along this way,
This canyon to cross at twilight dim.
My friend, I am building this bridge for them.

Glenna M. Baugh © 2005
Living by Faith

We build bridges of friendship when
we have love in our hearts for others.

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