Crossing the bridge of enchantment, I found you.
And, a wondrous love so amazing and true.
In a magical garden and fairy land.
There you so tenderly took my hand.

Led me into a forest yet undreamed of,
where spoken is only the language of love.
There both make-believe and reality lies
Circling overhead exquisite butterflies.

Lovely morning glories, with tiny dew drops.
Fuzzy squirrels playing in the tree tops.
All lend joy to our marvelous land of dreams
as, you treat me like a beautiful fairy queen.

We take a magic carpet ride, across the sky.
Look! We are just like birds, we can fly!
We're like children and laugh out loud.
Playing leap-frog, over and under each cloud.

Being in love with you, there's no better way,
to spend a magnificent and perfect day.
Sailing down the river, with sails of rainbow hue.
An enchanting way to spend an afternoon with you.

We wait each night for the stars to shine.
Spending time under the moon is so divine.
Ready for the man in the moon to sing a tune.
It sits up there like a big beautiful balloon.

Being here with you, is like paradise.
You don't have to ask me, to stay twice.
I want to forever be here with you,
as we share the nectar of love so true.

(C) Joyful Jan
Jan. 2010

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