~ Broken Feather ~

Walking down the street with a friend
She picked a feather from the ground
A broken feather she could not mend
But it was inspiration she had found

This is my name, she said to me
In the past I saw only as shame
Pain of abuse was all I could see
Leaving myself holding the blame

Through the healing I see the truth
Of my people it really does mean
Not the pain that I held from youth
But of the power I was meant to be

Talking awhile of things to come
Sharing ways though not the same
Wisdom for us to teach our young
With knowledge to heal their pain

A few days later she came to me
An elder's words she'd been told
It was time her spirit to be set free
A future journey to turn lead to gold

The pain she had so long did carry
Through her people, now did see
To turn neglect into one of caring
Was this path she now did seek?

With a smiling face, turned to me
Saying to heal was the only road
That would set all her people free
Of the many conflicts new and old

Gary Salter

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